Interstitial Use: Guidelines and Information

  1. Based on the current academic year’s exhibition schedule, the respective departmental liaison should submit a Request of Use for Hopkins Hall Gallery within the first three weeks of the academic year.
    The request should:
    1. Be sent to the Deputy Director of Facilities and Programming.
    2. Indicate specific dates that will include days for activities such as “set-up” and “clean-up.”
    3. Include request for access if the needs fall outside of normal gallery hours between 11AM and 5PM Monday – Friday. Summer Hours: 11AM-4PM, Tuesday through Friday. 
    4. Include a description of the activity.
    5. Include a description of facility requirements for the activity.
  2. Because the “cost for interstitial use shall be fully borne by the Department of Art and {or} the Department of Design,” the Deputy Director will forward the liaison’s request to the respective chair for conformation of the activity. Based on the liaison’s request, the Deputy Director will try to provide an accurate estimate for the specified event.
  3. Possible examples of associated “costs” may be:
    1. Staffing outside normal gallery hours in order to arm/unarm the gallery alarm, which may be necessary depending on the use of specific equipment such as computers and/or projectors, etc.
    2. Preparator’s assistance for install activities deemed ‘advanced’ or ‘risky’ by the Deputy Director. This may include install of unistrut, projector mounts, etc.
    3. Time and materials associated in modifying the space or restoring the space to original conditions prior to liaison’s event.
    4. etc.
  4. All exhibitors must follow the Hopkins Hall Gallery Exhibitor Guidelines.