Hopkins Hall Gallery Exhibitor Guidelines

Alterations and Hanging

  • Exhibitions staff will lead and/or provide consultation for all installations.
  • Standard hanging height for artwork is 54” on center for accessibility purposes.
  • Artwork can only be hung from gallery walls or Unistrut system. Walls and moveable walls have plywood sheathed drywall and south side walls.
  • Alterations to space layout can be made with rolling partition walls that are anchored to the Unistrut system by staff as needed with prior arrangements. 
  • No drilling, structurally altering or painting the floor, ceiling, exposed brick column, light track, light fixture, or Unistrut system.
  • Gallery walls can be altered but only with prior approval from the Senior Preparators.
  • Unless specific to an individual piece, use of screws for hanging artwork on gallery walls is preferred. Also, avoid any adhesive materials that may cause damage to the gallery walls.
  • Hopkins Hall Gallery requires the use of nontoxic paints, sealants, and adhesives. When using paint for the gallery, be sure that is it labeled as low-VOC or no-VOC.
  • No touching, adjusting, attaching to, or suspending from, the light track system, light fixtures, lighting controls, or thermostats.
  • Never hang artwork from the concrete ceiling or any of its mechanical, electrical or heating system components.
  • Freely suspended artwork or technology can only be hung from Unistrut with the assistance of the exhibitions staff.


  • Artwork to be installed directly on the floor must be approved by the Deputy Director prior to installation. This will also require you to forego Arts Initiative insurance.

Unistrut System

  • The Unistrut is the metal grid system mounted to the ceiling.
  • Temporary Unistrut can be added to existing grid as needed with prior arrangements. Unistrut is 1 5/8” wide, and up to 20’ long sections are available. Check with the exhibitions staff to make arrangements.
  • Unistrut grids and the light track system are 130” from the floor.
  • Single point suspension from Unistrut system is limited to 125 lbs.
  • DO NOT alter Unistrut system without approval from exhibitions staff.

Access to Hopkins Hall Gallery

  • Hopkins Hall Gallery is available for installing and striking exhibitions during normal gallery hours unless prior arrangements are made with the Deputy Director. (Access outside of these hours will require that the exhibitor pay for staffing.) 
  • All drop-off and pick-up times must be scheduled with the Senior Preparitor. A loading dock is available with prior arrangements. 
  • The exit doors must always remain free of any encumbrance or obstruction.
  • Doorway access is limited to maximum measurements 96” high x 70” wide.


  • Alterations and installation of lights will be done by the exhibitions staff only. Please discuss specific lighting needs with the Senior Preparator or Exhibitions Staff.
  • Light track system has numerous fixtures; flood lamps and spots available in 50watt for smaller fixtures and 120watt larger fixtures. 


  • A limited assortment of white wooden pedestals is available. Please check availability with Exhibitions Staff.
  • An even smaller number of pedestals are available with plexi-glass covers; specific screws for securing work are available for all of these.


  • Electricity can be accessed anywhere in the gallery through wall outlets or a limited number of drop-down electrical boxes (installed by exhibitions staff only) inserted into light track system as needed.
  • Artwork involving electricity needs to be in compliance with the building, safety and fire codes. Certification from a qualified electrician may be required. 

Animals and Perishable Objects

  • If intending to use animals or perishable objects a special permit is needed from The Ohio State University, Hopkins Hall Building Management, and Arts Initiative Director. Please contact the Deputy Director for more information.
  • The Arts Initiative has a policy banning animals on the grounds with the exception of service animals. If the project is approved, the exhibitor is responsible for the appropriate and humane care of any animals. 
  • Artwork that includes perishable elements such as plants, produce, meat, etc must come with prior written approval from the institutions (stated above). Exhibitor will be responsible for maintaining these elements (i.e. watering plants, changing out produce, refrigerating meat at the end of each day). Artwork must be installed in a way that prevents the attraction of bugs, rodents, excessive odor or other pestilence. 


  • Due to a limited supply of equipment and resources, Hopkins Hall Gallery may require that exhibitors provide their own equipment and resources as needed.
  • Ohio State University, Hopkins Hall Gallery, and the staff are not liable for damage or loss of exhibitor’s personal, borrowed or rented equipment used within an exhibition at or associated to the Urban Arts Space Facility, Hopkins Hall Gallery, or The Ohio State University.
  • Free Wireless Internet access is available for specific, on-site, works through OSU Wireless; no landlines are available in exhibition areas.

On/Off Directions & Interactive Works

  • Interactive work and work using technology or electronics requires step-by-step instructions for the exhibition maintenance by the staff. If work cannot be easily maintained by the staff you are responsible for the maintenance during the exhibition. 
  • All work must be able to be turned on and off from the floor without a ladder. 
  • For interactive work signage can be displayed with work so visitors can interact without staff supervision.
  • In order to accommodate a multitude of perspectives, please consider placing interactive components of work between 36-48” from the floor and operable with a closed fist. If you have questions, please contact the Deputy Directors.

Environmental Conditions

  • Hopkins Hall Gallery is regulated by the staff and limited by The Ohio State Univeristy FOD. Hopkins Hall Gallery may or may not maintain humidity levels between 40%-45%. Exhibitors should take precaution with sensitive works.


  • Signage is organized by Hopkins Hall Gallery staff and any special needs for signage needs to be organized with the Senior Preparators.
  • Standard hanging height for exhibition text panels is 56” on center.
  • Standard hanging height for labels and artist’s statements is 42” to the bottom.
  • Standard font size for labels and artist’s statements is no smaller than 14pt.
  • Standard font for labels and artist’s statements is Arial.

Of Special Note

  • Hopkins Hall Gallery is unable to store packing materials during exhibitions. Please plan to take any packing materials upon completion of the install and bring them back for the strike. 
  • The Space has two 8’ ladders available for installations that can be used with prior approval from the Exhibitions Staff.
  • Closed-toe, flat shoes with hard tops are required for those installing work in Hopkins Hall Gallery. 
  • No spray adhesive, spray paint, or other aerosol chemicals are allowed. 
  • Unless written instructions are given to the Deputy Director by the artist two weeks prior to the strike all work will be removed from the walls, pedestals and de-installed based on the timeline set for the strike and restoration. 
  • The Arts Initiative Director and Deputy Directors reserves the right to remove artwork from an exhibition at any time.
  • Exhibitors are welcome to work during regular gallery hours on the listed dates on agreement letter but must execute the attached release and further acknowledge and agree that the type of work they are able to perform may be limited depending on scheduled activities and events in Hopkins Hall Gallery and availability of staff.